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                      Beijing Youyi Union Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional building materials company, whose products are mainly used for decoration of indoor and outdoor walls and floors. Chayo non-slip floor|non-slip mat|non-slip film is a well-known brand; since its foundation, with the headquarters in Beijing, China as the R&D and manufacturing center and relying on project cooperation in various cities, it has completed the initial construction of the marketing network radiating at home and abroad. 
                      From its foundation till now, Chayo always insists on improving product quality, optimizing product structure and constantly improve the construction technology to obtain various necessary qualifications, win the highest honors of the industry and have formed the complete, mature and professional waterproof and non-slip wall and floor surfacedecoration integrated system. With a rich product line covering various high-, middle- and low-end series, Chayo is a leading global brand. Besides that its engineering project cases spread all over large and medium-sized cities in China, Chayo is actively strategically preparing to enter the international market.
                      Chayo mainly designs, produces and sells the series of products such as non-slip floor | mat | film with completely independent intellectual property rights and provides high-quality products and services for the projects such as natatorium, hot spring resort, spa and bath center and water park. With a series of honorary titles such as industry member unit, Chayo is an industry-recognized leading brand in waterproof and non-slip wall and floor surface decoration integrated system.
                      Non-slip floor | mat | film of Chayo use lean formula and production process to keep the advancement and global market competitiveness of the products. The enterprise constantly increases the investment on technological innovation and constantly launches new products, new technologies and new processes suitable for the market to fully satisfy the potential demand of the diversified society.
                      Non-slip floor|mat|adhesive film of Chayo warmly welcomes domestic and overseas clients for extensive communication and win-win cooperation!